Why You Should Train With Santana Sailing

Building Confidence and Competence is What We Do

At Santana Sailing we pride ourselves in offering expert, on the water sail training and empowering you to feel confident on a sailboat, whether as crew or skipper.

Catamaran Anchored in Mexico. Why learn to sail with Santana Sailing?

Why Santana Sailing? In short, so you can learn how to do this on your own…

Benefit From High Standards

Santana Sailing is a top-rated NauticEd Sailing School, combining state of the art sail training, and the highest certification standards in the sailing industry. When you earn a sailing certification at Santana Sailing, it will be because you’ve achieved competence in specific skills to a measurable standard – an ANSI approved standard.

State of the Art Knowledge Training

We use the NauticEd curriculum, an on-line training system that functions the way modern professional training is conducted in the corporate environment. Study and test through on-line, and show up at the boat ready to put it into practice. Get 2 Free Sailing Courses right here to check it out.

Expertise in Sailing AND Training

We are expert sailors with expert training methods, honed by decades of experience. That’s a rare combination. You could just spend time on the water with your buddy who’s a great sailor, but really just wants you to crew for him. But if you want to truly learn how and why, see it done properly, get coaching as you practice, and achieve real proficiency so that you can teach another, you have to train with us. That’s the way we do it. We’ll take you through a specific curriculum with a measurable outcome, and back it with our Commitment To Sailing Competence.

Need Your SLC? Have Experience? Start At The Top

Let’s say you want to charter in the Mediterranean this year, and you don’t have your International Sailing License. Maybe you took some lessons in years past but never got any certifications. But, you’ve been cruising your boat locally for years and really know your stuff. You have the skills, but as you delve into the issue, it looks like neither ASA nor US Sailing’s IPC is accepted in your destination country, and you’d have to start at the very bottom of their certification ladders. It seems like a no-go for you, but…hold on…you’ve found our website.

We can get you your Bareboat Charter Master Certification, with Catamaran Endorsement, and SLC Mediterranean Sailing License by using the skills you have right now. Plus, we’ll teach you how to complete the Med-mooring with anchor, refine your crew overboard rescue skills, and make sure you can really do it.

As long as you can perform sailing skills to the standard, pass the on-line tests, document your sea time and complete all the required steps, you’re in. And the SLC is accepted throughout the world by charter companies like Dream Yacht Charter, the Moorings, Sunsail, and all the rest.

We’ll Get You Where You Want To Go

Your skills and sailing resume, plus required licenses and certifications are what enable you to charter a sailing yacht in the exotic location you’re thinking of. And, it’s your skills and resume you’ll need to join the crew crossing the Atlantic, the Pacific, the Panama Canal, or to convince the Wednesday race skipper that you can contribute in a meaningful way. Your knowledge, skills, and experience are your passport. We can help you push your limits with a safety net. We’ll help you get your passport.

Many Ways To Get It Done

In the NauticEd system, one earns a Rank by completing the on-line course work, and a Level by documenting sea time, and adds to their resume with Endorsements and Verification of Competence by an instructor. You can increase your Rank and Level by both taking local classes, and by joining us on Sail Training Adventures. See the bold blue links below for course descriptions.