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Epic Northern Channel Islands Trip Video

In October of 2015, Cam Sanford and friends took the Northern Channel Islands cruise through the OCC School of Sailing and Seamanship, where they got their Bareboat Cruising Certification.  I have been leading these trips for OCC since 2004, and a few things made this one special.  First, these guys all had GoPros and other cameras, and were always taking pictures.  Second, they just really wanted to be there on this trip, doing what we were doing.  The shared enthusiasm made for great days on the water, and good conversation in the evenings.  Plus, there’s that whole thing about our first 22 hours being underway continuously, overnight, and the bond that such an activity creates.

Cam created an epic video that captures the best moments of the trip, and gives you a feel for what it’s like to be in the Northern Channel Islands.  I really love the GoPro videos of the dolphins on our bow, starting on the video at about position 9:30, and I’ve never seen Risso’s Dolphins swim at such speed (you’ll notice the Risso’s as the dolphins with the blunt noses, and scars all over their bodies).  The video is about 20 minutes, and I hope you’ll stay for the whole thing.  Well done, Cam!