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1. ATONs and The Pecking Order

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Memory aids for

Aids To Navigation (ATON)

 Use the following to help remember the characteristics of lateral ATONs


Returning from seaward, ATONs on the left are COGS; those on the right TERN (also, remember “Red, Right, Returning”)

C         can                                                 T   triangle

O        odd number                                   E   even number

G        green                                              R   red

S         square                                            N   nun


Memory aids for

The Pecking Order

Use the following to help remember what type of vessel stands on or gives way

Our Navy Requires Canned Fish Served Promptly at Seven

A vessel lower in the pecking order gives way to one higher in the pecking order

Our           O         Overtaken

Navy         N         Not under command

Requires   R         Restricted Maneuverability

Canned     C         Constrained by draft

Fish           F          Fishing (engaged in, as defined by rules)

Served      S          Sail

Promptly   P          Power

Seven        S          Seaplane