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So, You Want To Work As Delivery Crew

I’ve been following my friend, Russ Fritsch, around the globe as he makes periodic FB posts from this or that exotic location. His latest message to me was via satellite while he was en route from Fiji to Honolulu. He wondered if I knew anyone interested in a spot as delivery crew for a Honolulu to Long Beach sailing voyage.

I asked Russ if he could write something up about his experience on the Delivery Crew circuit, because I thought a lot of you would be interested. Russ has put together some thoughts about how he does what he does, and what you might want to think about if you have similar aspirations. Follow the blue link below for a downloadable PDF of Russ’s guest blog. Here we go!

So, You Want To Work As Delivery Crew

By Russ Fritsch

Getting Started in this type of sailing life. In the fall of 2016, I was presented with an opportunity to retire early with a sweetener to help make the decision easier. I took the offer and left. After 46 years in telecommunications, I was now retired so what’s a guy to do? My son suggested I go sailing and told me there are a bunch of Crew Wanted pages out there on the internet. I jumped in with both feet.

Most American sailing however, is on the east coast of the United States. There are millions (no exaggeration) more boats on the Atlantic Seaboard than out here on the Pacific Coast. My first sail as delivery crew was in May of 2017 on SV Allora. She was a 2000 Passport, Royal Passport 43 and what a boat she was. I was hooked. As luck would have it, I was picked for crew because, at 5’9” I fit into the sea berth in the salon. If I were 6-feet tall, I might not have been doing this…

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