Puerto Rico/Spanish Virgin Islands

Saba 50 Catamaran Sail Training Opportunity
Dates: April 13-20, 2024

This is how to have a sailing vacation.

  • Quality and comfort.
  • Exceptional Saba 50 catamaran.
  • Top-flight instruction.
  • You’ll say, “This is how I’m going to do it!”

Your upcoming sail training trip with Captain Marc Hughston, of Santana Sailing, takes place in the Spanish Virgin islands near Puerto Rico. We’re blending high-end training with the pleasures of a luxury vacation. It’s a modern, experiential learning adventure set in one of the world’s most captivating sailing destinations.

With only three cabins available and a maximum of six students, we are focusing on quality and comfort.  Your own private cabin and ample space for everyone on board ensures personalized attention and a conducive learning environment.

To elevate the experience further, our professional hostess will be dedicated to preparing delicious gourmet meals throughout the voyage. This addition adds a touch of luxury and allows students to focus fully on their training and enjoyment without the distractions of menu planning, meal prep and provisioning.


The training curriculum is crafted to cater to both beginners and advanced sailors.

  • New sailors will take the NauticEd Yacht Charter Crew course online first to enhance the practical on-board training
  • More experienced sailors will complete the NauticEd online Bareboat Charter Master courses prior, allowing them to enjoy and be comfortable with the navigational intricacies of the area, including reef navigation and anchoring in various bays and islands.
  • The consistent trade winds of Puerto Rico provide an ideal setting for learning and honing sailing skills.

An exciting highlight of the trip is the opportunity for a half-day scuba diving excursion (optional, additional cost). A dedicated dive boat will meet us at one of the picturesque islands, offering both beginner and advanced diving experiences. This addition not only diversifies the training but also allows for an exploration of the underwater wonders of the region.


This is not a certification training vacation – see this blog article: Getting a sailing qualification while on a sailing vacation – which explains why it is near impossible to combine vacation with certification.

Rather, the focus is on participating in the experience led by a true expert of what happens on a typical sailing vacation.  Those who eventually want a sailing qualification will be further along the track to successfully completing the competence assessment in their home waters.

Our Ultimate Goal

Each student leaves with both a sense of vacation-like relaxation, and valuable insights into catamaran sailing and yacht chartering.

In summary, this training trip is an exceptional opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of sailing, learn in a supportive and luxurious environment, and experience the beauty and challenges of Puerto Rican waters. It’s an eloquent blend of education, adventure, and leisure—a truly modern approach to sailing training.

This is an all inclusive experience which includes: Boat charter, NauticEd online coursework, insurance, fuel, end cleaning, skipper, hostess, food and beverage allowance, 2 standup paddle boards. Participation in the optional half day Scuba adventure is extra.

Costs: Cabin A: $6,795  / Cabin B: $6,350  / Cabin C: $6,350

Up to 2 persons per cabin – share the cabin price.

Tell us you are interested, and ask questions:

Captain Marc Hughston, Chief Instructor, Santana Sailing

SetSail@SantanaSailing.com  *  +1 949-939-8123

Yacht Location
The Yacht Club, Palmas Del Mar, PR