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Contact Santana Sailing with any questions about our local classes in Long Beach; Sailing Adventures in the Sea of Cortez, Catalina, and Channel Islands; NauticEd sailing certifications; Sailing Skill Clinics, or private sailing lessons.

Whatever you are interested in or want to know more about, please contact us.  We’re out on the water continually, but we can usually respond in 24 hrs.

Contact Us

Or contact Santana Sailing directly:

Marc Hughston, Chief Instructor
+1 949-939-8123

Location for Boats and Courses:

Rainbow Harbor, on the Shoreline Village boardwalk (Yard House, Tequila Jacks, Shenanigans Irish Pub)
The gangway is located right in front of Tugboat Petes and Shenanigans

Mail & Shipping Address:
Santana Sailing
65 S Pine Ave Ste 114
Long Beach, CA 90802

4 Easy Steps to Start Sail Training

Start by registering for a course date - or discuss your sailing goals with Santana Sailing

Contact Santana Sailing to register for a course, or discuss your sailing goals, past training and experience - so that we can tailor the training to you!

Begin the NauticEd online knowledge-theory courses immediately!

Online knowledge-theory courses have been proven in education and business to be more effective than traditional means, and NauticEd's online courses are best-in-class in sailing. A big advantage is that you can begin immediately, giving you more time to prepare and most importantly more time to train and sail on the water with Santana Sailing!

On-the-Water Sailing & Training

Santana Sailing's on-the-water training is focused on the application of knowledge-theory and skills building. The training is unique in that Santana Sailing's instruction is focused on developing competency and confidence, and approach that gives each student not only personalized attention but hands-on sailing experience in a variety of roles and responsibilities.

Assessment & Certification

Certification is optional and includes a thorough assessment of the students skills, safety and overall competence for each level - using a Rubrics system that keeps the assessment transparent and objective. Typically Santana Sailing assesses during the training and while instructing, but students can request to be assessed separately for any certification.