Focused Skill Training

Here we offer focused skill training in special areas for more experienced sailors. This is an opportunity to get really good at your chosen skill.

You’ll work on new and innovative methods that most sailors don’t learn for years and might never learn at all through their own trial and error. Scroll down for more about the How and Why of these Sailing Skill Endorsements

Sailing Skill Clinics and the endorsements are also available on our off-shore Sailing Adventures.

Clinics below provide a Sailing Skill Endorsement through NauticEd!

Available Skill Clinics

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Windy Alert – Heavy Weather Clinic

Sign up for the “Call List” and we’ll let you know when it’s blowing, and there’s a Heavy Weather Clinic. Learn with expert instruction and safe methods.

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Crew Overboard Rescue Clinic

Imagine an entire 6-hour class for you to gain proficiency in one of the most important skills a sailor can have. Feel confident at each point of sail.

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Anchoring Skills Clinic

Learn the art and science of anchoring with multiple anchors in this two part class that is all on the water. Covers bow and stern and short handed techniques.

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Docking Skills Clinic

Feel confident when maneuvering your sailboat under power in close quarters, and maneuvering in reverse gear. Get your docking mojo working.

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Spinnaker Skills Clinic

Expert instruction will have you ready to hoist, trim, jibe, and douse. Repetitions build knowledge and confidence.

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Sail Trim Clinic

Watch the telltales fly. Learn how to trim the main and genoa for optimal speed and performance. Take your skills to the next level.

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