Docking Skills Clinic

Down the narrow fairway, the slip is to starboard

Confidence in Close Quarters

Do you want to be able to back in to a slip, land confidently at a busy fuel dock, turn the boat around in its own length, and spring off when the wind is blowing you onto the side tie and you’re penned in by boats behind and in front of you?  These are the skills that so many sailors say they need more work on.  You’ll get these capabilities in the Docking Skills Clinic.

Two steps when you register:

  1. Complete the Maneuvering Under Power online course (included) prior to our day on the water. Details sent upon registration. There is a discount if this is your second time in the class.
  2. On the water practice. You’ll refine your skills in docking at slips, side-ties, and pump-out stations; maneuvering in reverse; backing in to a slip or side tie; springing off a lee wall; using prop-walk and prop-wash for pivot turns and fine control; picking up a mooring; recovering when things go wrong.

Upcoming Dates:

No upcoming scheduled Docking Clinic - contact us for dates

Time: 10AM – 4PM

Where: Rainbow Harbor, Long Beach; Parking and boarding instructions will be provided when you register

Cost: First Timer: $179 per person (includes Maneuvering Under Power online course ($39.00 value))

Repeat Student: $145 per person.


  • NauticEd Maneuvering Under Power online course ($39.00 value)
  • Free NauticEd online Logbook and Resume – you need this for that BVI charter you’re thinking of
  • Free TrackLink App – makes adding to your sailing resume automatic and easy
  • 2 Free NauticEd Courses
  • Links to above sent upon registration

What to Bring:

  • Hat, gloves, sunglasses, glasses, sunscreen
  • Layers of clothing, including windbreaker
  • Water and lunch for yourself
  • Non-marking deck shoes
  • A smile!

Complete Form to Register

Fill out the form below or contact us directly at or 949-939-8123

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Docking Skills Clinic maneuvering in close quarters