Heavy Weather Clinic – Windy Alert Sail

Heavy Weather Clinic

Managing power, balancing the helm, and reefing proficiency.

The best way to learn how to handle heavy weather is to get out on the water with someone who really knows how to handle it, and can keep it safe while showing you the tricks of the trade. That’s what these clinics are for – building your confidence and competence in strong and windy conditions.

We use the Windy App and have set Windy Alerts for Long Beach. When winds will be from 18 knots to 30 knots, the app sends us an email about the upcoming wind event. If you have signed up for the “Call List,” we’ll send you an email with an invitation to join. We usually have 48 hours notice, sometimes more.

How It Works:

  1. Sign up to be on the “Call List” whenever there’s a Windy Alert that prompts a Heavy Weather Clinic.
  2. When there’s a Windy Alert, we’ll email or text you with an invitation to register and join the Clinic.
  3. We’ll take the first five sailors that register and pay for the clinic.
  4. Come on down to the boat and we’ll get out into the breeze!

When you come for a Windy Alert Sail, you’ll participate in all aspects of running the boat. You’ll gain proficiency with reefing the main and headsail, managing power in the sail plan, helmsmanship and situational awareness. If conditions allow we’ll practice reefing until you can get it done in one minute, and we may even work on Crew Overboard Rescue maneuvers.

Prerequisites:  Competent Crew skill level:  able to work at the skipper’s direction to safely handle halyards, sheets, and winches, and steer a steady course; familiarity with sail trim concepts; must be in good physical condition, able to move around the boat while underway.

Upcoming Dates

To Be Announced with about 48 hours notice.

Time:  Generally 11AM – 4PM, but that may change with conditions

Where:  Rainbow Harbor, Long Beach, parking and boarding instructions will be provided

Cost:  $175 per person

Please see our Cancellation Policy. By paying for your class, you agree to this Cancellation Policy.


  • Free NauticEd online Logbook and Resume
  • Free TrackLink App – makes adding to your sailing resume automatic and easy
  • 2 Free NauticEd Sailing Courses
  • Links to above sent upon registration

What to Bring:

  • Your own PFD, or use one of ours
  • Hat, gloves, sunglasses, glasses, sunscreen
  • Layers of clothing, including windbreaker
  • Water and lunch for yourself
  • Non-marking deck shoes
  • A smile!

Put Me on the Call List for Heavy Weather Clinics!

These clinics only come around when there’s a Windy Alert in Long Beach, generated by the Windy App. To get notified of a clinic, about 48 hrs in advance, add your name and contact info using the form below.

When we schedule a Heavy Weather Clinic, we’ll email or text you about 48 hours in advance so you can register for it. We’ll take the first 5 that respond. Join us!

Please complete the form below – Thanks!

Clinic Registration Form