Instructor Training

Take Your Instructor Skills to the Next Level

I am personally conducting instructor training for both new and experienced NauticEd instructors who want to get better at what they do. I know you love to teach and that you’re good at what you do, or you wouldn’t be doing it. And I’ve learned a few things while working with other instructors too. Still, my work with other instructors has shown me that I have a few things I can help you add to your tool kit. NauticEd, for example, has incorporated some of my methods into the online Maneuvering Under Power course work.

My goal is to share the best ways to both demonstrate a particular skill, and to teach it. Ask yourself if you would like to know more about how to demonstrate and teach these skills when you are on the water:

  • How to sail up to a mooring (no engine), especially when there aren’t any convenient mooring balls to sail up to.
  • How to perform a Crew Overboard Rescue single handed, under sail, in under 2 minutes, in 20 kts of wind.
  • Best practices for Crew Overboard Rescue maneuvers on a catamaran.
  • How to set up, demonstrate, and teach Med-mooring with an anchor off the bow when there is no vacant dock or quay to use for practice.
  • How to set up and teach reefing a conventionally rigged main so that everyone can do it in a minute or less (our record is 39 seconds).
  • How to demonstrate and teach backing up in a straight line when you have whitecaps in a crosswind or on the bow.
  • The best ways to teach everything about docking and maneuvering under power including turning forces, prop walk, and backing in to slip or side tie.
  • Addressing each of the three learning modalities when you are on the water, and maintaining student engagement.
  • Best practices for helping the “difficult” learner.
  • Best practices for conducting BBCM / SLC training in a multi-day live-aboard environment.

If you are a NauticEd instructor or have a NauticEd affiliate school, or if you are an ASA / US Sailing instructor or run an ASA school and have interest, please contact me. I can come to you, or you can come to my school in Long Beach. There are many possibilities and we can tailor a solution for your particular needs.

I look forward to working with you. To learn more about me, including credentials and student reviews – please read my NauticEd bio.

Marc Hughston
Chief Instructor, Santana Sailing

Contact Marc Hughston for more information –, +1 949-939-8123