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Get your International Sailing License (SLC)

Accepted by Port Authorities in the Mediterranean and Worldwide

If you’ve always wanted to charter in the Mediterranean, you need the SLC. We offer both training to prepare and the practical assessment to gain the SLC. Training and assessment is available in Long Beach, California, and on selected Sailing Adventures in the Sea of Cortez, Catalina, and Channel Islands.

Going on a sailing vacation in Greece, Italy, Croatia, Spain, France, Turkey? You need the SLC. In the past you needed the ICC (International Certificate of Competence), something that was very difficult for North Americans to obtain, as there are very few RYA schools (1 in the USA and 3 in Canada) able to issue it.

Now, the NauticEd SLC is accepted as a valid sailing license for bareboat chartering by all port authorities and yacht charter companies operating in the Mediterranean.  Santana Sailing is authorized to conduct the practical on-the-water sailing skills assessment for the SLC, a process which takes approximately 6 hours to complete. Marc Hughston, an accomplished sailor and experienced instructor, will be your assessor.

Qualifications and Process to Gain the SLC

Gaining the SLC is a straightforward process that requires completion of online courses and tests, a government issued boater license, practical sailing experience, an on-the-water assessment, an optional catamaran endorsement, and the payment of fees for all of the above.

NauticEd has published the detailed qualifications and process to follow on their International License page and in this blog, How to Gain Your SLC Mediterranean Sailing License. The assessment utilizes the Bareboat Charter Master (BBCM) and SLC Rubrics – a scoring guide. After you’ve read through the process, come back here for how to get it done with Santana Sailing in the LA / Long Beach / Newport Beach area, or on an upcoming Sail Training Adventure (hint: Sea of Cortez).

Completing Your SLC Assessment With Santana Sailing

The SLC assessment is a comprehensive 6-7 hour on-the-water pass / fail evaluation of your sailing skills. Preparatory training for the assessment is not required, and does not guarantee a pass, but most sailors find the preparatory training extremely valuable. If you are not sure you can back down to a Med-mooring while deploying your anchor in a cross wind, you should consider training with us. The training and assessment for the SLC can be completed several ways, as follows.

1. SLC Assessment in Long Beach CA, 1 or 2 days

If you have the prerequisite experience and have completed the required knowledge and theory training, then you can request a Practical Assessment. Expect 1 day for the assessment, and if you need some additional training (or are rusty) then you can add a day of practical training and preparation.

  • One Day Assessment: complete a one day on-the-water assessment in the LA/Long Beach harbor area by selecting one of our scheduled dates, or on a date we’ll arrange with you.
  • Two Day Training and Assessment: Complete back to back training and assessment days on-the-water, selecting dates from the schedule, or on dates we’ll work out with you.

May be combined with 1 day skills refresher course on the water, immediately prior to assessment. You can book additional training days too, but let’s talk first. You may do this on your own boat if you have it in the southern CA area. Travel expenses may apply.

*PLEASE NOTE:  The 1-day assessment is a comprehensive practical evaluation in which you demonstrate the required skills and respond to questions underway, resulting in a pass or fail for the assessment.  The Assessment is not a day of instruction.  We like you and respect you, but again, this is not a day of instruction.  On the water practice and preparation in advance is very highly recommended, and we offer that service, but you decide how you will get it done.

Pricing for Training and Assessment:

  • SLC One Day Assessment $570 per candidate, plus 8% Long Beach Harbor fee; 9 AM to 3 PM

  • SLC Prep and Assessment Back to Back $1,140 per candidate, plus 8% Long Beach Harbor fee; two days on-the-water, 9 AM to 3 PM

Please contact us to arrange preparatory training and/or assessment days to fit your schedule.

2. Get your SLC with Sail Training Adventures

What better way to get your SLC than by combining the training and practical assessment on a live-aboard Sail Training Adventure?! Bareboat training, SLC, and when available also upgrade to a Catamaran Endorsement on your sailing resume.

Taking the SLC written exam on the Sea of Cortez

Students taking the SLC International License exam while on vacation on the Sea of Cortez

Santa Barbara Island- SLC Training & Assessment

A four day voyage taking you to the smallest of the Channel Islands. We will navigate around the Island and anchor for two nights. This is an excellent opportunity to gain experience being a self-reliant sailor. Includes Bareboat Charter Master certification.

Planned route is subject to change depending on conditions to ensure safety of the vessel and crew.

Northern Channel Islands – SLC Training & Assessment

A seven day voyage with the first full night underway. Itinerary typically includes Santa Cruz Island, Santa Barbara Island, and Catalina. They say if you can cruise the Northern Channel Islands, you can cruise anywhere. No moorings, no restaurants or stores, you’ll learn how to get there, anchor out, and navigate your way home, all in good style. And, get your SLC practical assessment along the way. Includes Bareboat Charter Master certification.

Sea of Cortez – SLC Training & Assessment

Eight days and seven nights in some of the most stunning cruising grounds in north America. Departs from and returns to La Paz, Mexico. Catamaran endorsement is available. Includes Bareboat Charter Master certification.

Planned route is subject to change depending on conditions to ensure safety of the vessel and crew.

Upcoming Bareboat / SLC Sail Training Adventures

Click on a date for more details and pricing. Contact us if a convenient date or desired location is not currently available.

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