Intro to Sailing Course

Learn to Sail | Basic Sailing Skills

  • Have you always wanted to see what it’s like to sail?
  • Thinking about taking sailing lessons and want to learn more?
  • Looking for a quick refresher to get back on the water under sail?

This 2 day (12 total hours) course is all about having a fun sailing experience getting an introduction to the world of sailing, and learning basic sailing knowledge and skills that prepare you to get started sailing! Runs from 10AM to 4PM each day.

– Experience a Two-Day Introduction to Sailing –

Sailing is a unique and exhilarating experience that allows you to connect with nature in a way that is hard to describe. A day of sailing can be both relaxing and challenging, and it requires a combination of physical and mental skills.

As you set sail, you’ll feel the wind in your face and the power of the boat heeling beneath you. You’ll need to pay close attention to the direction and strength of the wind, optimally trimming your sails and steering the boat to maintain your course. As the day goes on, you’ll likely gain a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction as you learn, overcome challenges, and simply enjoy a day on the water under sail!

Introduction to sailing gives you everything you need, and more, to get started sailing.

About Introduction to Sailing

Practical On-the-Water Training:

  • Prerequisites: none, come on down!
  • Small group training with discounts for 2 or more participants booked together.
  • 2 days on-the-water sailing and training, including Basic Sailing Skills endorsement upon successful completion of the on-the-water assessment and online knowledge course.
  • Commitment to Sailing Competence

Online Coursework:

The practical Introduction to Sailing course is designed for new sailors seeking a hands-on sailing experience and a fun opportunity to try sailing while learning the basics. Unlike more advanced courses, which cover more complex topics such as navigation, Introduction to Sailing focuses on providing you with the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to safely start sailing.

Learn and participate in sailing the boat:

  • Preparing for departure, hoisting the sails, and safely getting ‘underway’
  • Steering, reading the wind, points of sail, and trimming the sails
  • Sailing maneuvers: tacking, jibing, heaving-to, crew overboard rescue

And of course you’ll see the Long Beach skyline and cargo ships from the water. If conditions allow, we’ll venture out into the ocean!

The course includes NauticEd’s online Introduction to Sailing course, which takes only about 3 hours to complete (at your convenience prior to course) and provides the basic knowledge needed to get started on the water. Additionally, you can also take the included Navigation Rules Clinic and Basic Sail Trim courses (highly recommended).


Introduction to Sailing course 101 Basic Sailing Skills cerfificate

Upon successful completion of the on-the-water course, the online knowledge-theory course, and based on your instructor’s assessment – you’ll receive NauticEd’s Basic Sailing Skills endorsement.

What’s next? After Introduction to Sailing you’re ready to take the Basic Skippering Skills Course, which lays the foundation for skippering a large sailboat in fair weather.

Course Fees & Registration


  • $599 per person
  • Discount: $539 per person for 2 or more participants registering together with 1 payment.
  • 8% Long Beach Harbor fee applies
  • Please see our Cancellation / Rescheduling Policy

We run courses every month of the year! 

To check on available dates please fill out the form on the right and we’ll contact you to answer questions and set a schedule that works for you!

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To check on available dates please fill out the form below and we’ll contact you to answer questions and set a schedule that works for you!  You can also just call or email:
Marc Hughston mobile 949-939-8123

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Training You Can Trust

Our Commitment to Your Sailing Competence: We really want you to have the skills - we know that you do too.  So when you continue training with us through Skipper Large Keelboat level, you will be ready to charter a boat on your own or we’ll invite you back for more training, free of charge. That’s our commitment.

See all the details at Commitment To Sailing Competence. Limitations apply.

American National Standard - Sail

Our training methodology meets the U.S. Coast Guard's prescribed On-Water Recreational Boating Skills Standard – SAIL, the newly released 2017 American National Standard for on-water instruction in entry-level recreational sailboat operation.


Professional Sailing Instruction

Santana Sailing's instructors are extraordinarily well-qualified: experienced, mature, trained to American National and International Standards, and assessed to the highest standards and expectations in recreational sailing.

Trust through verification: please feel welcome to read Santana Sailing's student reviews ›

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Santana Sailing offers fully-accredited NauticEd Training and Certification. NauticEd is the international leader in sailing education and certification, which affords our students the best educational resources and certification in the United States as well as abroad when sailing internationally.

Which course is right for you?

Santana Sailing's instruction focuses on goal-based competence -  aligning our instruction with your sailing goals and experience. We do NOT offer "zero-to-hero" or require unneeded courses like many other schools. Instead, Santana Sailing's courses are designed to train competent sailors, based on their prior experience, to the highest training standards in the U.S. And the approach works well - read our student reviews >

You can start with any course below based on your goals and if you have the experience or prior training for that course. Select a course below for more information, and certainly contact us with questions or to discuss which course is best for you.